Could the Money Guiders Programme help you?

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If you have conversations about money with people in your day-to-day work, a new partnership between Kent County Council (KCC) and the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) could help.

The certified Money Guiders Programme from MaPs aims to reach community workers, housing officers, mental health teams, volunteers, energy advisors, money mentors and the many more thousands of professionals in diverse roles who are giving guidance, often as part of wider services, to everyone from young adults through to older and retired people.

In Kent, KCC will act an umbrella organisation for the programme, which provides training to ensure participants feel confident they are offering the most appropriate guidance.

This is during non-regulated money conversations and ranges from signposting a person on to help to giving complex, technical information.

The programme involves 20 hours of training in e-module format, access to a community network with free resources, ongoing support and successful completion results in professional recognition in the form of a City & Guilds digital credential.

KCC is hosting an initial webinar to share some information, which is taking place on Thursday 13 July 2023 1-2pm.

If you would like to attend, please register here:

This webinar explains all aspects of the programme. Following subsequent sign up, there will be a full induction and enrolment session.

This opportunity is open to all services across Kent, both internal to KCC and external. Details can be passed to colleagues and stakeholders you believe will benefit.

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The Money and Pensions Service

Claudine Bell, South East Regional Manager at the Money and Pensions Service, said: “Talking about money helps people in a range of ways, from making more informed decisions to easing the burden that financial worries can cause. However, four in five of us still find it difficult to start the conversation.

“We want everyone across Kent to receive good quality money guidance and this partnership invests in training for the people they can turn to.

“By raising both the profile of money guidance and the quality of its delivery, we can take another step towards getting everyone the support they need.”

Further information

To learn more about the programme, please visit

If you have any questions in advance of the webinar, please email