Kent’s Plan Bee – Join the growing trend as Kent County Council celebrates its third year of taking part in No Mow May

A bee on a plant

Kent County Council’s (KCC) pollinator initiative, Kent’s Plan Bee, is encouraging residents, businesses, and other organisations to lock up their lawnmower and make a pledge to let their lawns grow for the annual No Mow May campaign.

Started by the charity Plantlife, No Mow May is the growing campaign calling for everyone to make a pledge to let grassland areas grow throughout May and protect pollinators.

Following on from the success of the first two years, Kent’s Plan Bee have launched the No Mow May pledge for a third year to continue the positive impacts the county is making for pollinators.

Last year, 272 residents and organisations across Kent pledged 131,510m2 of land to the campaign which saw the county’s wildflowers bloom, allowing pollinators to forage and nest as found in a report published last year.

KCC is looking to the people of Kent to help beat the numbers from last year with even more pledges made and more land put aside for No Mow May.

This year, even more KCC departments are engaging in the campaign than ever before. From Highways to Country Parks, waste sites and KCC owned land and infrastructure, selected KCC sites will provide invaluable habitat corridors for wildflowers, pollinating insects, and much other wildlife.

KCC's Director for Environment and Circular Economy, Matthew Smyth, said: “No Mow May is an excellent campaign which has already made a significant difference in protecting the county’s pollinators. As Kent Plan Bee research has shown, even the smallest patch of grass can make a huge impact.

"This May, I encourage everyone to lock up their lawnmowers for a month and pledge to let their lawns grow.”

Kent’s residents, businesses and other organisations are being encouraged to see if they have areas that could be left unmown or cut less frequently. Make a pledge and join the campaign at the Let’s Talk Kent website.

Notes to Editor

KCC's pollinator action plan – Kent's Plan Bee – focuses on protecting species including bees, wasps, butterflies and other crucial creatures. Its aim is to raise awareness of the good they do, the vital role they play and educate communities on how to help them thrive.

Visit this link to view the action plan or search for Kent’s Plan Bee on Facebook and follow them for daily posts.