Support #TheGoal to End Domestic Abuse

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Kent County Council and Medway Council come together to urge Euro 2024 Domestic Abuse awareness.

As Euro 2024 football championship fever sweeps the county, the Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse Services are urging fans, residents, and businesses to be extra vigilant for signs of domestic abuse and to help direct victims to support services.

Following the successful World Cup 2022 initiative that inspired football fans and clubs across the county to take action, the ‘Support #TheGoal to End Domestic Abuse’ campaign returns this June and July.

Led by Kent County Council, Medway Council and the Kent Integrated Domestic Abuse Service (KIDAS) and Medway Domestic Abuse Service (MDAS) partnership and involving a range of partners, the campaign encourages residents, businesses, and community groups to become informed about the crime and be able to direct people to safety. The Men’s Euro 2024 football championship presents a vital time to raise awareness, as England plays to win the title they narrowly missed in the 2021 final.

Football itself is not the cause of domestic abuse, but research shows that rates increase when England plays. Whatever the score, victims suffer. Cases increase by 38% when England loses a match and 26% when they win or draw.

Shareable resources have been developed, including social media posts and images, as well as printable posters that can be put up in venues, so that everyone can get behind the campaign.

The Euro 2024 focus is part of a wider awareness-raising initiative - ‘Know, See, Speak Out’ - led by the partnership since 2021, to encourage everyone to make it their business to learn about domestic abuse and be able to signpost those affected to support. The cost-of-living crisis is escalating the risk for those experiencing domestic abuse, with many facing financial constraints that make leaving their current situation harder.

"Laura" experienced domestic abuse at the hands of a new partner

“Noticing the abuse was a really gradual thing. It would be him picking fights out of nowhere. He made all sorts of accusations and blew up; then called me aggressive when I didn’t cower. He was financially abusive; he would borrow money and cause a big fuss when it was time to pay it back. He wanted to be in control of things. I contacted the police to do a Clare’s Law application, to see if he had a history of abuse. It came back with a lot! I don’t think I would have had the guts to report him and see it through if I hadn’t seen what he’d done before. It was actually quite empowering.”

Domestic abuse affects over 2.1 million peoplea year in England and Wales, which equates to 61,500 adults in Kent and Medway who may have been affected. 1 in 5 crimes reported to Kent Police are domestic abuse related.

Domestic abuse can often go unnoticed and unreported, but we’re committed to changing this.

Benjamin Watts KCC White Ribbon Ambassador

Ben Watts, Kent County Council White Ribbon Ambassador says: “We have an urgent need to ensure that every person affected by domestic abuse in Kent and Medway knows that support is available to help them and how to access it. Domestic abuse can often go unnoticed and unreported, but we’re committed to changing this. Through the ‘Support the Goal: Know, See, Speak Out’ campaign we encourage everyone in our local communities, whether they’re a football fan or not, to be vigilant in recognising the signs and speak out against violence and abuse, and help direct victims to safety, particularly during this time when we know that domestic abuse can heighten and escalate”.

Lee-Anne Farach, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of People at Medway Council, says: “There is no place for domestic abuse, and it is so important that we continue to raise awareness and make sure people know what support is on offer. Tackling this issue requires people to work together – from organisations being there to provide support and advice, to people speaking out when they don’t think something is right. I’m really pleased we are supporting this campaign, and I would urge anyone currently experiencing abuse to remember that they are not alone, and help is out there.”

To access specialist Domestic Abuse support through KIDAS or MDAS please call Victim Support 0808 168 9111 or visit, where you can also find information, resources and training webinars.

In an emergency, call the police on 999 (if you can’t speak, cough, or tap the handset then press 55 on your phone - the police will know it’s an emergency).

Access the Euro 2024 Know, See, Speak Out resources.

As part of their ongoing commitment to tackle domestic abuse, Kent County Council and Medway Council are White Ribbon accredited organisations. More information on KCC’s work with White Ribbon can be found at White Ribbon - Kent County Council

Since 2017, Kent County Council has worked with Partners to commission the Kent Integrated Domestic Abuse Contract (KIDAS) which provides help for survivors across both community and accommodation-based support and continues to work with partners to build, develop and maximise the support available to those experiencing abuse.

The integrated approach of KIDAS means victims can access support wherever they are in Kent and has ensured a consistent response for victims and survivors during the pandemic.

Medway Council commission Medway Domestic Abuse Services (MDAS) and a range of safe accommodation-based services for victims of domestic abuse across Medway.

A central non-emergencies helpline and 24/7 live chat for Kent & Medway is coordinated by Victim Support, with localised helplines delivered by Oasis Domestic Abuse Service (East Kent, Medway, North Kent), Look Ahead (West Kent) and Clarion Housing Group (North and South Kent). A dedicated website set up by Kent County Council, Medway Council and Kent Community Safety Team, with full information for safety planning and access to support can be found at